Yes, the World Wants Your Startup To Fail

No, you can’t do anything about it

Negative energy is the wrong kind of energy

Make no mistake, when you’re running a startup, it really is you against the world. Most of the time we entrepreneurs find that a romantic notion, and a certain kind of fuel.

Yes, people are going to dismiss you

One thing every entrepreneur has to consider and understand right away is that no matter how good you are or how many successes you have under your belt, you are going to be underestimated from the first time someone meets you until you take your company to IPO, and maybe even after.

Yes, people are going to take advantage of you

Because you have limited funds and a limited staff and a limited track record, you’re going to have to give every customer and partner and investor a discount.

Yes, other people are going to get breaks for the wrong reasons

When you’re pouring everything you have into something you believe in, it sucks watching someone else get shown the back way in. And as altruistic as we like to think we are, the unfairness of it grates.

No, people aren’t going to see the value of your product

If I were to try to sell you a mobile phone, I would tell you it’s the next iPhone. You’d understand the value immediately and probably buy an iPhone instead. If I’m trying to sell you something you’ve never seen before and you’re not even sure my solution is going to relieve the pain you know you’re feeling, I have no comparable asset to put in front of you as an example.

No, people aren’t going to give you points for trying

I get it. You’re doing this without unlimited funds and teams of salespeople. You’re doing this without proper equipment and a staff for marketing and someone to answer the phone. You’re doing this without a fancy office with a ping pong table and snacks. Or benefits. Or vacation. Sometimes even without a salary.

No, people don’t want a better solution

This is my least favorite, and the one it took me the longest to get over.

Don’t get mad at the maddening

All these things are going to happen. And when they add up, that negative energy can take on a life of its own and send you and your company to places you don’t want to go.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at

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