Why It’s Important That I Use Teaching Startup to Build Teaching Startup

Teaching Startup hit a paid customer milestone this week. It’s not a big “blast-it-out” kind of number because 1) Who cares? and 2) We’re still in a pilot phase.

But it’s a number that brings paid customer data to a next level of statistical significance. And that’s critically important for the customers.

See, my customers are entrepreneurs. And my product is on-demand advice and answers about building and growing their business. So when I advise entrepreneurs on the need to collect data about their customers to make a better product, I better be collecting that same kind of data about those entrepreneurs to make a better product for those entrepreneurs.

When I tell entrepreneurs that, “Look, anybody can use no-code to bring their idea to life beyond just a demo or MVP” — that resonates because I’m using no-code to bring Teaching Startup beyond demo and MVP.

When I tell them to validate their market first and let that market guide them, the customer milestone we just hit makes that advice worth paying for.

And at just $10 a month, that advice is a steal. How do I know that? I did the research on the pricing model to solve 80% of a problem at 20% of the cost.

The way entrepreneurs build companies is evolving. So if Teaching Startup is going to stay on top of that evolution, we need to be eating our own dog food — which is a phrase I hate, but a credo I live by.

Teaching Startup is expert entrepreneurs giving advice to other entrepreneurs (and some of the entrepreneurs asking for advice are experts as well, because entrepreneurs never stop learning). The advisors are entrepreneurs who are giving back, but they’re also getting paid, because their advice is valuable enough to get paid for it.

But these experts aren’t getting paid an unholy amount of money to make small talk and spit motivational quotes. They’re just doing the important parts of advising, which is answering questions based on their own experience.

They’re eating their own dog food too.

What I learned a long time ago, when I started and sold another company called ExitEvent, is that entrepreneurs can get value out of hearing answers to not just their own questions, but other entrepreneurs’ questions.

We did a survey of our paid customers in January that confirmed that.

So what I did was take all those questions and all those answers and categorize them, make them searchable, make them universal, and put them in an app. Plus there’s a newsletter that answers the new questions that come in.

If you’re an entrepreneur, new or experienced, or even if you just want to be an entrepreneur and you’re tired of non-practical advice like “go fast and break stuff,” you should try Teaching Startup.

I’m not going to do this offer for much longer, but since we’re still in pilot, you can get up to 30 days of the Newsletter + app access for free. Use the invite code MILESTONE and you’ll get your first month after your free trial for $5. Again, it’s just $10 a month.

We’re revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs get answers, with a mission to make more and better entrepreneurs.

And the data says we’re doing it right.

If you don’t want to join Teaching Startup, please consider signing up for my personal newsletter at joeprocopio.com so you don’t miss any new posts. It’s free, short, and to the point.

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