Why Entrepreneurs Try (and Fail) To Do Everything At Once

Joe Procopio
4 min readMar 23, 2022

Are you overwhelmed? Overloaded? Overcooked?

There’s a pretty logical reason for that and also a simple way out, one that’s actually good for your business growth.

The tendency to “bite off more than you can chew” is actually a skill that makes entrepreneurs successful. Think of it not as a personality bug, but a personal feature. Since I was kid, my parents were always telling me that I constantly “burn the candle at both ends.” I’ve never really liked this phrase and it’s only been recently that I’ve come to understand why I do it.

If you, like me, get into these modes where you have a dozen or more priorities pushing you from the moment you get out of bed in the morning until the moment your head hits the pillow at night — or if you never really leave that mode — you need to realize that you can’t change the player (you), so you need to change the game.

Look, you’re probably never going to be the kind of person that doesn’t want to have a goal to chase, a number to obsess over, or a sprint to run. The answer isn’t to slow down. The way you make it work is by taking large — but single — strides.

Here’s how to take one big step forward without taking two steps back.

Entrepreneurs Like to Take 8 Steps at a…



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