Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn To No-Code Instead of “Learn to Code”

It’s time to put critical and creative coding concepts ahead of syntax and rote memorization

Joe Procopio
5 min readAug 17, 2021
Photo by Lagos Techie on Unsplash

“Learn to code” has been a refrain for entrepreneurs for more than a decade.

Want to start a business in the high-growth universe of venture capital windfalls and IPO fortunes? Learn to code.

Have a modest idea for a digital product? Learn to code.

Want your business to survive into the mid-21st century? Learn to code.


Because modern e-commerce demands new and ever-changing technology.

Because television commercials have been replaced by TikTok clips.

Because no matter how good your idea is, there’s probably already an app for that.

I believe all of that.

I am indeed a coder, and I firmly believe that learning to code should be a part of everyone’s education. This isn’t a rant against learning to code; it’s a call to replace the “Learn to Code” movement with “Learn to No-Code.”

“Learn to Code” is a fallacy.



Joe Procopio

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