Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Learning From Other Entrepreneurs

Teaching Startup is continuing education for entrepreneurs that actually helps grow their business

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Continuing education for entrepreneurs is a tricky thing. But if you’re looking for affordable, timely advice to make you a better entrepreneur, what better way than learning from entrepreneurs who are having the same issues?

I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years trying to simultaneously teach entrepreneurs how to do startup while also actually doing startup. I’ve done posts, podcasts, MBA-level college courses, and even founded and then sold an entrepreneur-focused startup called ExitEvent.

My latest effort is actually called Teaching Startup, named as if I’m going to do this if it kills me. Teaching Startup is a Weekly Premium Q&A Newsletter that lets entrepreneurs ask questions and get answers from experts. And by “experts,” I mean entrepreneurs who are simultaneously teaching entrepreneurs how to do startup while also actually doing startup.

As Teaching Startup rolls into the 25th issue tomorrow (35 if you count the pilot), I wanted to talk about the mission. Because the mission is why it works.

Teaching Startup is indeed itself a startup, as it should be. As a startup, Teaching Startup hit all of its milestones in its first phase — a phase that started six months ago and ended last week.

The numbers are great — trials, conversions, opens, clicks, ratings, and all of that. The milestones prove that we offer a lot of real, quantifiable value. But the mission is thriving too. Every week, we get a ton of unsolicited feedback both as replies to the newsletter and out in public via Twitter and other social channels.

My picks from this week, in response to issue #24:

“Already earned back your subscription! Thank you!”

“Teaching Startup is actually helping me do what I want to do. Was not expecting that.”

Feedback like that tells me that Teaching Startup is working as intended. The newsletter has become continuing education for entrepreneurs in a manner that actually helps grow their business. And it doesn’t suck up a lot of time, resources, and money to get it done.

That’s what we’re about. And as long as that’s our mission, you’ll find value.

Phase 2 starts now, and this will be an awesome time to be a member.

One of the Phase 2 features we started early was answers from handpicked, highly-vetted, skilled entrepreneurs, and we’ll continue to expand that group. The other broad goals for this phase are more experimentation, more interactivity, more usefulness, and less friction. But we won’t fix what isn’t broken.

This, by the way, is exactly what you should be doing as an entrepreneur.

And finally, a number of organizations have expressed interest in Teaching Startup as an assistance tool. These include co-working and incubation spaces, major public and private Universities, and startup support organizations and groups. We’ll start to react to this inbound in Phase 2, and help these folks bring something new to the table.

Teaching Startup is probably for you, whether you’re jumping in for the first time or you’re already successful and just want to stay on top of how today’s entrepreneurs are building tomorrow’s big companies.

Try Teaching Startup free for up to 30 days, and if you join with promo code NEXT, you’ll get your first month for just $5. After that, Teaching Startup is just $10 a month. Meant to be affordable. Meant to be for everyone.

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