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Entrepreneurs need a lot of things to be successful. One thing they need that’s really hard to come by is answers.

I know this because back in 2010, I founded a company called ExitEvent, a website for entrepreneurs, run by entrepreneurs, that offered resource matching, connections, advice, and other content. Core to the ExitEvent customer experience was a monthly event for entrepreneurs only. The tagline for this event was “No sponsors, no speeches, no name tags, no bullshit.”

This was not an arbitrary tagline.

No sponsors meant we were in control of the event. No speeches meant you were coming to talk, not listen. No name tags meant it didn’t matter if you were the founder of a multi-million dollar startup or a student looking to learn. No bullshit meant the event was for you, not us.

I got questions about that tagline constantly, even when the event was pulling in hundreds of entrepreneurs, from multi-million dollar startup founders to students, and across five states.

“Who is going to show up for an event with no budget and no speaker draw, with no idea of who is who? What will they even do when they get there?”

The answer was answers. Entrepreneurs would show up, introduce themselves to other entrepreneurs — they might not be at the same stage, one might be retail and the other might be tech, one might be over 50 years old and the other might be 21 years old.

Inevitably, no matter how the attendees paired or clustered up, questions started flying and answers followed. The questions were rooted in real issues the entrepreneurs were facing at that moment. The answers came from entrepreneurs who had been there.

Everybody who attended those events came away learning something they couldn’t have learned any other way, even the multi-million dollar founders. It was a raging success and I sold ExitEvent three years later to a media company/incubator. I only sold it because my own startup was on its way to its own exit event, and I could no longer run two startups at the same time.

Earlier this year, I founded Teaching Startup to do kind of the same thing, but online, with a filter for the questions and vetting on the answers, all slammed into a weekly newsletter. My mission is for that newsletter to be honest, insightful, actionable, and affordable.

You can try Teaching Startup right now for free for 15 days. Furthermore, you can use the promo code QUESTIONS to get your first month for $5 after the free trial. It’s $10 a month after that, stay as long as you like (spoiler alert, 100% of the membership has stuck around for what is now four months).

You’ve got nothing to lose, and you’ve got answers to get.

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