What the Bright Future of Remote Work Means For Your Startup

Trust in digital means more opportunities for funding, talent, and sales

The rise of location agnostic business

Let’s state the silver lining like this: Business has become location agnostic and opportunities are everywhere.

Investors are realizing that their own backyard is really, really small

It used to be like pulling teeth to get an investor interested in a startup that wasn’t within a 20 mile radius. And for most of the world, this meant Silicon Valley. The argument was that it was necessary to meet in person for the board meeting, to validate that milestones were being hit, and to get a sense of the “feel” of the company’s progress.

Talent is migrating at a blinding pace

Talent is leaving San Francisco; it’s leaving New York. And it’s not coming back.

Outsourcing is becoming the new normal

Anecdotally, there has been a huge upswell in outsourcing over the last several months, leading to a new gold rush for founding and growing outsourcing firms — like development shops, creative shops, marketing shops, even sales and finance firms where you can get what you need by the hour or the project.

Experienced talent is adopting a fractional model

The evolution of remote work doesn’t just apply to tactical talent. Leadership, management, and creative functions are starting to embrace fractional roles — for the very same reasons that top tactical talent is leaving behind the long commute and the corporate bullshit.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building TeachingStartup.com & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at joeprocopio.com

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