What Entrepreneurs Learn By Lurking

Teaching Startup lets you eavesdrop on the answers other entrepreneurs are getting

Joe Procopio
4 min readMay 7, 2021


One of my favorite Teaching Startup members sent us a nice, out-of-the-blue email this week, telling us how much she liked “lurking” in Teaching Startup to get answers to pressing questions her peers were asking.

I had never thought of it as “lurking” before, but as soon as she said it, it made total sense.

Learning entrepreneurship in the classroom

I’m a hands-on learner, as are most entrepreneurs. I’ve never been a fan of classroom learning in general, but I understand why it’s important.

I’ve been an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the classroom for an entrepreneurship program at a well-known business school. I’ve had multiple dialogues with over a dozen heads of entrepreneurship programs at top-tier universities, including some programs that you’ll see in the top 10 of several entrepreneurship program rankings.

And while I’m not 100% opposed to classes on entrepreneurship, especially some of the more immersive programs I’ve seen, like what Babson is trying to do for example, I’m not sure you can learn entrepreneurship without doing it.

And “doing” entrepreneurship is usually the equivalent of a several full-time jobs.

Learning entrepreneurship from books

I’ve also read a lot of books on business and startup and all the things that spin around those twin suns. A lot of those books are good reads, and sure, they contain valuable information.

But the problem with most books on business is that they usually exist to sell a brand, like Lean Startup or a Four Day Work Week or whatever Gary Vee is selling. That’s all fine and I make no judgements. I dabble in that and I don’t have a problem with any of it.

Learning entrepreneurship from other entrepreneurs

Finally, I’m also a startup advisor. Companies that are profitable and/or well-funded pay me good money to help them get to the next level. And what I do for them is a night and day difference compared to the classrooms…



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