Wasted Time Is My Entrepreneurial Nightmare

There Are Only 25 Hours In a Day

Joe Procopio
5 min readOct 13, 2022
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I want to talk about one of my biggest flaws as an entrepreneur. It’s a weird one, kind of random, but it’s also one of those things that when you bring it up, other people are like “Oh yeah. I do that too.”

I’m constantly worried about whether or not I’m wasting my time.

From the minute I first open my laptop every morning to the minute I put my phone on the charger before bed, I find that I’m constantly trying my hardest to maximize every waking moment.

This is not the weird part, nor is it the part that I classify as a flaw. Most entrepreneurs are Type A like myself, and I believe all of us entrepreneurs feel the weight of perpetually being the underdog — fewer resources, less available cash… less time.

But along with being a classic Type A, I’m also, again like most entrepreneurs, a classic over-thinker.

These two personality traits actually work well together. Being Type A means that, more often than not, I’m out-hustling my competition. Being an over-thinker means that if I do lose to my competition, more often than not, I’ve got backup plans.

However, it’s also a combination of traits that has me constantly worried about whether what I’m doing at the moment…



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