Want More Customers? Here’s How To Get Inside Their Heads

Everyone tells you to think like the customer, but nobody ever talks about how

Step 1: To Expand Your Market, Dream the Ultimate Solution

The first thing we did was make two lists. The first list identified all the things the solution could do, whether the customer needed those things or not. The second was the customer wish list, all the customer needs, whether the solution could fill those needs or not.

Step 2: To Maximize Your Sales, Role Play

If I told you that you could have a chance to practice everything about your business — from the pitch to the launch to the sale to how your customers understand and use your solution — would you do it?

Step 3: To Get More Efficient, Eliminate the Outliers

When I look at the dozens of new product or new service or new feature launches I’ve been involved with over the years, the ones that launched late or not at all due to the pursuit of perfection far outnumber the ones that launched to disaster. So rather than chase perfection, we need to make plans for imperfection.

Step 4: To Prevent Failure, Expect It and Confront It

To get your rocket as high as you want it to go, you need to fire it in stages.

Step 5: To Test Your Theories, Fake a Pilot

Once we had all the information we needed to be comfortable about making assumptions and guesses as to where our customers’ heads were at, we decided to fake a pilot. More role play, more practice, more putting ourselves into our customers’ shoes.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building TeachingStartup.com & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at joeprocopio.com

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