These Are The Skills You Need To Save Your Job From A.I.

It’s not about learning to do what A.I. does. It’s about doing the things A.I. sucks at.

Joe Procopio


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“Your job isn’t going to be replaced by A.I. Your job is going to be replaced by people who know how to use A.I.”

Man, that sounds clever. It’s also wrong.

Well, I mean, it’s not entirely wrong. It’s just not right.

I read that exact statement not long ago in one of those “A.I. is coming for your job!!!” articles I was trying to debunk (and I feel like I did). I didn’t bother to keep the article or even go back and look it up again for this article, because I’ve since seen the same quote in slightly different forms attributed to a number of different people — all of whom I believe are very smart and I have no beef with.

The problem — like it always is with A.I. — is context.

I’ve been playing around with Generative A.I. for over a decade, including co-inventing the first publicly available platform that turned data into words back in 2010. We sold that company, Automated Insights, to a private equity firm in 2015.

I’m still messing around with all forms of automation and A.I., including Generative, and I’m actually really impressed with the progress since the long ago days when we started cranking out fantasy football recaps for Yahoo or quarterly earnings reports articles for the Associated Press.

But then I see dire warnings like “You must learn to A.I.” and I’m like: Wait, are you telling people that they need to get really good at writing prompts? Because that sounds like a road to nowhere. And also a really boring career. Oh, and also a lot of wasted time developing the exact kind of skill that leads to getting replaced by a machine pretty quickly.

Here’s what I mean.

The Obviously ChatGPT-Generated Sales Email

Not long ago, I got a spam email in my inbox that got my attention. Now, I get probably 100 spam emails a day to this inbox, but this one spam email stood out because, well… honestly, because I was looking for it, the same way I was looking for all the A.I. job-eating-fear-mongering articles…



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