There Are Real Entrepreneurs Out There and We Aim To Help Them

If you’re running a startup — making something totally new, selling it, and building a company that can scale it— and you feel like there’s not a lot of help out there, you’re not alone.

When Mandy Nyarko first described Startup Discovery School to me, I was totally impressed, not only with her model, which was unique, but also by the way she described it.

In her overview of the school, there was just a hint of: “I know this sounds crazy, even though it shouldn’t…” I recognized that hesitance because it’s what I feel every time I talk about Teaching Startup.

“Yeah, this is going to sound crazy, but maybe you just need someone to tell you how to build, sell, and grow your product and your company — without all the buzzwords and unicorn talk and motivational quotes.”

I agreed to do a Q&A session for her first class, but that still didn’t keep me from worrying about the same shit that made me stop doing things like Q&As in the first place — Questions about the secret handshakes that got my startups funded, questions about viral marketing and how to get a million users overnight, questions about social media influencers and how to get them to promote your app for free.

When the Q&A kicked off, I was thrilled to find out that what she had actually put together was a group of entrepreneurs who had real businesses, from retail to fintech and everything in between, who asked solid questions about the next phase of their growth:

  • How do I backchannel a market I can’t get into yet?
  • How do I communicate a legitimate offering in an industry that’s not usually trusted?
  • How do I use no code solutions to keep from drowning in infrastructure, and how will that scale?
  • How do I turn customers into repeat customers?

Those were the actual questions asked by actual entrepreneurs. They’re out there. There are thousands of startups like this out there, caught between hobby/lifestyle stuff and Silicon Valley/unicorn stuff. They’re at run-rates in the tens of thousands to the millions. They’ve got real products, real customers, real employees, and real problems.

And most of the time, they’ve got nowhere to turn to get help with those problems.

I know because there are hundreds of them subscribed to Teaching Startup, and more coming in every day. It’s why I founded Teaching Startup in the first place, to give real, honest startup advice to these real startups at a price that they can afford.

If this is you, if you’re one of these entrepreneurs and you have these kinds of questions and you’ve got nowhere to turn, try Teaching Startup for free for 15 days. Use the promo code STARTNOW to sign up here and get your first month for just $5. After the trial period and your first month, it’s just $10 a month.

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