Teaching Startup #60: Website Launch Marketing + Customer Acquisition

Joe Procopio
4 min readJun 16, 2021

In today’s issue #60 of the Teaching Startup Premium Newsletter, I answered two new questions from working entrepreneurs.

The first was about how much marketing you should do for a new website launch, and a few questions you need to ask about your company, your product, your website, and your goals.

The second was about how to create a “full stack” customer experience without spending a ton of time and money getting it started.

There were also results from a poll about how customer prospects first see your product, because that’s as important as how they’ll use it when they become customers.

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We want this to work for you. We think it will. Here are this week’s new questions.

Should we make a heavy marketing push for our new website?

Sales: Marketing

Sometimes, the simplest questions are the best questions. This one has a short answer, a longer answer, and a nuanced answer.

Question: We’re heading down the path towards launching our new website. It has a new look



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