Starting a Business When You’re Broke

There’s no good time to start a company, but no bad time either

Joe Procopio
5 min readDec 18, 2023

Dude. I’m broke.

I mean, I’ve got twin daughters who just started college with a third kid right on their heels and on top of that we got hit with the trifecta of unexpected healthcare, auto, and home expenses one after the other and…

Meh, my story isn’t particularly harrowing and definitely not unique. Everyone I know is having trouble making ends meet. Each trip to the grocery store is an exercise in eye-popping and head-shaking at prices that must be for two or three of these things, not just the one.

I am not starting a business in this shitstorm. No way.

OK, maybe just one.

Here’s why.

It’s Always Darkest Right Before Launch

To clarify, I’ve never been the kind of entrepreneur who is motivated by money. And maybe that part of my personality is why I’m broke when others aren’t. But it’s also the part of my personality that forced me to learn to put value over flash in every aspect of my life. Including the businesses I found and those I run with.

I’ve never founded a startup at a “good” time.

  • I started my first company…



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