Marketplace Startups Are Turning Content Into Revenue

The lesson is that actionable content is valuable content

Joe Procopio


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Publishing is dead, right?

Well, it’s not so much dead as transformed. During what’s been a two-decades-long decline of traditional media, the medium itself has changed dramatically, but there’s never been more content making more money for more companies than right now.

Just not in the way you’d expect.

New content markets began opening and growing before the first nail was hammered in the media coffin. Content survives on the Internet, it’s been democratized for better or for worse with social media, it’s been decentralized via streaming video, and it’s even been automated.

I’ve had luck with two startups built on the mining of action from valuable content (Intrepid Media & ExitEvent). I’m focused on another startup now (Teaching Startup), that’s betting on a whole new evolution in content delivery:

Content as product.

So I’ve got loads of experience here, enough to know I’m not alone in calling this a trend.

Social media left behind a mess, but also an opportunity



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