I’m not sure where we disagree so I’ll just say this. Dude. If you have the smarts and the means to attend Brown, the means and the permission to take a leave, and if this startup is what you want to do, then you’re totally doing the right thing. And good on you for that. I’m all for it.

My point: I think the ROI on a college education is upside down and has been for about a decade. However, as my kids are getting ready to think about college, I also think the workforce hasn’t evolved far enough to where I can say, outside of a CS field, “meh, you don’t need the degree.” This disappoints me.

If someone can find a way to do both, then do both, don’t choose one over the other. But if you do have to choose, then I think I laid out the criteria for either choice in the post.

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I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Building Precision Fermentation & Teaching Startup. Sold Automated Insights & ExitEvent. More at joeprocopio.com

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