I will disagree here that it’s a Silicon Valley view. I’m not in SV nor do I specifically preach an SV model.

Terrestrial radio is dying here and has been for about 10 years, that includes music, talk, and sports. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t either have satellite or Spotify or just listens to podcasts. My teen kids have no idea how to tune a radio nor do they care. The first thing they do when they get in my car is connect their phones, same thing I do.

To my larger point, I spoke at NABShow in 2017. All they talked about was the death of appointment television and radio along with the decline in ad revenue it has caused.


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I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Building Precision Fermentation & Teaching Startup. Sold Automated Insights & ExitEvent. More at joeprocopio.com

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