How To Get Your Customers To Give You the Information You Need

You can’t force them, you can’t beg them, and you can’t do it for them

Here’s the problem

It can be a very fine line between an awesome customer experience and a horrible customer experience. Most of the time, the difference comes down to whether or not you can get the information you need from the customer to be able to deliver what they want.

Here are the symptoms

There are all sorts of band-aid ways to get detailed information from your customers. You’re probably doing at least one of them. None of them work well because they all attack the symptoms of the problem instead of the cause.

Here’s the cause

It’s not the customer, it’s your methods. You’re not exposing enough value to the customer to motivate them to work for that value.

Here’s the solution

Are you showing the full value of your product or just hinting at it? This is a classic product marketing issue.

Here’s an example

I’ll use my last startup, Spiffy, who does mobile on-demand vehicle wash and maintenance, as an example. We had quite a bit of internal debate about our method, but it works.

Here’s how to implement the solution

The implementation starts with one of my favorite strategies for anything to do with building and selling a product. Start asking why.

Here’s the reward

This isn’t a panacea of a solution, and it takes experimentation, trial and error, and failure. The good news is once you find the right balance, and once you reshape your product and offering to be able to implement that balance, the processes will be totally repeatable.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at

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