How Startups Remove Customer Friction

Is your product failing your customers and your company?

What is customer friction?

Customer friction is any step in the customer experience that impedes the customer from buying the product, having success with the product, or finding value in the product. That might sound a little complex, but think of it as basically any hurdle that gets in the customer’s way.

The difference between customer friction and poor customer service

While poor customer service and customer friction can both result in a poor customer experience, the root causes are usually different. Customer friction is created by flaws in either the product design or the purchase and delivery processes. Poor customer service is marked by flaws in execution.

Sometimes customer friction is something that just happens

We live in a world of increasingly instant gratification. Customers have an expectation that products should know what we want, when we want it and even how much we want and how we want it delivered. We’ve only got ourselves to blame for this.

Frictionless champions

Amazon is usually thought of as the all-star of the frictionless customer experience. From the early days of one-click ordering to now, Amazon has become very good at figuring out what the customer wants and how quickly they want it delivered. Amazon Prime — a huge and ongoing investment in frictionless two-day and even same-day delivery — changed not only the way we think of eCommerce, but the way we think of commerce.

Always consider the costs of removing friction

Sometimes simple changes to a product or process can remove a ton of friction. But keep in mind, the true costs are not just how much money is spent, but the total impact to the business. Here’s a look at how those hidden costs can add up:

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