How Startups Land Marketing Partnerships With Big Companies

This three-phased strategy will get you in the door, but it requires patience and proof

Joe Procopio
5 min readJan 10, 2022
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I just scheduled a meeting with a Fortune 500 company to discuss partnership opportunities for marketing, referrals, and revenue sharing. These discussions did not come about overnight, nor will they immediately result in millions of dollars in sales.

Not yet.

I know exactly what I want from a business partnership with a major company, and I’m betting it’s the same thing you want: Press releases, your logo on their website, coordinated sales efforts, and most importantly, a flood of new customers being referred to your business.

That’s all possible, sure. But here’s the thing. Successful partnerships don’t happen like lightning in a bottle. If you go in promising high conversion rates and loads of new customers, the partner likely won’t take you seriously. All of the exciting stuff needs to wait until you can show traction.

How do you do that? You break down the partnership proposal into the following three phases, each one building trust while creating multiple revenue opportunities along the way.

Phase 1: Discounts and Due Diligence



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