How Startups Develop a Customer Success Strategy

Are you working hard to make your customers successful?

What is Customer Success and how do you get it?

Like I said, Customer Success is a collection of strategies to bring customers in, keep them in, and sell them more.

What are the goals of Customer Success?

As it relates to company growth, the goals of Customer Success are:

  • Get customers to keep being customers for a longer time.
  • Sell existing customers more product.

How does Customer Success achieve these goals?

There are two well-known metrics to measure progress towards growth goals: Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) and customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

How do you build Customer Success into your organization?

Customer Success should act in two ways: reactively and proactively.

How does Customer Success fit into the organization?

In my experience, the Customer Success team is part of the product team, but has a dotted line to — or can even own — both sales support and customer support.

What kind of data does Customer Success need?

In order for Customer Success to be effective, they need to be tracking the changes in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the company. This means revenue, CAC, CRC, LTV, churn, support issue volume, time to delivery, time to value, and so on.

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