How Startups Can Get Answers Without Spending a Fortune

Teaching Startup is advice and answers as a product

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I’ve spent the last 20+ years as an entrepreneur. Along the way, I’ve been on a mission to make entrepreneurship more understandable, accessible, and affordable for more entrepreneurs. In the 2010s, I founded and eventually sold a company called ExitEvent that got close to achieving that mission.

But now I think I’ve nailed the mission.

Teaching Startup, my new product based around a Q&A newsletter for serious entrepreneurs, got some amazing and unsolicited feedback last week. I’m going to highlight some of that feedback to show how answers as an affordable product can work for every entrepreneur.

I’ve yet to be a founder, but I’ve worked on my fair share of startups. Teaching Startup has provided tons of value to me over the past 7 months. It’s like “How I Built This” but around concepts instead of companies. Here are my top 3 reasons I love it:

1. It’s frequent. I get excited when I see it drop in my inbox. Seeing Teaching Startup serves as a reminder that I need to prioritize and find time to work on getting better, not just working harder at the same level. It’s a gentle reminder to make sure I’m doing this.

Work on getting better, not just working harder. It took me 10+ years to realize that all the advice I was getting about how startup success meant giving 110% and outworking everyone else was, well, kinda bullshit.

2. It’s actionable. Most blogs, business magazines, etc. leave me asking “yeah, but how do you actually do that thing that returns that result?” In contrast, Teaching Startup describes how the sausage is made and not in an academic sense, but from someone who has made sausage.

From someone who has made sausage. Myself and the folks I’ve chosen to provide answers to the questions asked by members are folks who are living startup every day. Thus, we’re going to be honest, we’re going to speak from experience, and we’re going to give you stuff that’s actionable.

3. It’s like mentoring. I’m a huge proponent of mentoring and won’t claim Teaching Startup replaces that, but it adds value in the same way. It uses storytelling to share experience. (It’s certainly more scalable. It took me a decade to develop my best mentoring relationships)

Like mentoring, but more scalable. Teaching Startup is not mentoring, and it’s not advising. Because it’s a product, it doesn’t work like either of those things. But because it IS a product, it’s scalable, affordable, and it’s helping entrepreneurs in a new and valuable way.

That feedback was actually public on Twitter. Here’s one that came as an email reply back from a member.

[This week’s newsletter] was incredible! I feel like I just got multiple business courses all wrapped into a convenient format. Thanks!

Multiple business courses. While there’s a groundswell of entrepreneurial education at the college level, there’s no affordable source for continuing entrepreneurial education — for either working entrepreneurs or people who want to start a company.

A convenient format. The most important resource an entrepreneur has is time. Teaching Startup doesn’t waste it. And now more than ever, entrepreneurs need solutions that not only replace face-to-face, but keep us off of Zoom and allow us to get our lives back on our own schedule.

Teaching Startup works. And you can try it free for up to 30 days, plus get your first paid month for $5 if you join here with invite code SMARTER. If I’m wrong, you get some free answers about entrepreneurship you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. If I’m right, it just might change the way you look at learning about running your business.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Building Precision Fermentation & Teaching Startup. Sold Automated Insights & ExitEvent. More at

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