How Should Entrepreneurs Use ChatGPT?

NLG isn’t magic, and its entrepreneurial implications are still TBD

Joe Procopio
6 min readApr 24, 2023

When a new technology breaks into the mainstream, it seems like a sudden and transformative shift. Naturally, a gold rush follows, as corporations, venture capitalists, and enterprising entrepreneurs alike all scramble to invent the ideal use case, or at least the use case that can most quickly get to market and find traction.

You might remember not too long ago when an iced tea company tried to create the ideal use case for blockchain.

The rush is on with Natural Language Generation and the recent commercialization breakthrough heralded with ChatGPT. Believe me, everyone I know is trying to figure out how to weave the NLG wave into their own business model, including me.

But I’m a special case.

As a writer, I’ve got a bone to pick with ChatGPT. But as an entrepreneur, I hold a patent for the first commercial platform to use Natural Language Generation in a corporate environment. So I’m forced to play both sides.

A Brief History of NLG Commercialization

Back in 2010, sports data entrepreneur Robbie Allen and I, along with a handful of young developers, built a platform and an engine to…



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