How Entrepreneurs Make Smarter Startup Decisions

Teaching Startup gets you from reactive survival strategy to proactive growth strategy

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Looking back on my 20+ year career as an entrepreneur, things really started clicking for me when I stopped asking “What should I do in this situation?” and started asking “What did you do in this situation?”

It seems like a small shift in strategy, after all, it’s only a change of two words. But once I had the weight of someone else’s experience behind my decision criteria, it allowed me to adopt a proactive growth strategy. My decision matrix went from:

“Maybe if I try this, this will happen.”


“If I do this, this should happen.”

That made it easier to experiment, measure, and move forward, instead of backwards and sideways.

But to be honest, I didn’t just change two words and then watch everything fall into place. It took years and a lot of hard work to build up the network of fellow entrepreneurs who could give me actual answers about what they did in situations like I was facing.

A lot of entrepreneurs never get that opportunity — Time, money, location, and a series on closed doors often results in so many hoops to jump through, the entrepreneur fails or stagnates before enough solid connections are made to be able to scratch the surface of building a network like that.

I wanted to change that, and I believe I have.

Teaching Startup allows any entrepreneur, at any stage, from all over the world, to ask questions and read answers from highly vetted, experienced, and working entrepreneurs. It’s a weekly newsletter, curated so that it doesn’t waste your time. And we’ve got indexed back issues with dozens of questions that have already been answered — covering topics in vision, build, sales, operations, and growth.

It works. And most importantly, it’s perfectly affordable at $10 a month. Or as I like to say, about 0.03% the cost of an experienced advisor.

Try it right now and get up to 30 days for free. Use invite code DECISIONS to get your first month after the free trial for just $5.

If it doesn’t suit you, and it might not, we’ve made it easy to cancel whenever you want. But if I’m right, you’ll be looking at your decision-making in a whole new light, all from a two-word change in how you ask questions.

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