How Entrepreneurs Develop the Skills To Ask the Right Questions

Teaching Startup helps you frame questions pertinent to your own unique business

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You’re about to sign a potential multi-million dollar sale with a large corporation — Do you know what questions you should be asking?

Some of them, sure. When and how will you be getting paid? What and how are you expected to deliver?

But what about attribution? Exclusivity? Referrals?

These aren’t legal questions. You can search the Internet to find tips on making sure your contract will pass muster.

These are opportunity questions. Because for a startup, a sale of any kind isn’t just a sale, it’s an opportunity, one that you need to exploit to get you to the next sale, and the next level.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re doing things that haven’t been done before, unique to your business. Each sale, each decision, each day is going to come with questions you need to be asking.

And sure, you can and should be developing your own network — people you can turn to when the time comes. But there are only so many advisors, consultants, friends, and associates — only so many people you can reach out to. And which one do you turn to? With which question? And can you get ahold of them? And haven’t you bothered them enough already?

There’s a simple solution: The answers need to come from you.

So how do you do that?

That’s what I’ve nailed with Teaching Startup, a Q&A email with verified expert entrepreneurs answering direct questions from other entrepreneurs, just like you. It has become its own kind of educational experience.

Don’t have a question to ask? You do. You have tons. But you might not have the right question framed up. That’s OK. Teaching Startup helps you frame your questions and even start answering your own.

This happens when you get to see what other entrepreneurs are asking, and when experienced experts offer honest, actionable answers. And when you have a back catalog of dozens of questions and answers to dive into on your own time, some of which might answer your question, right now, before you even know exactly how to ask it.

Teaching Startup isn’t like anything that’s out there. But it works. You can try it for free for up to 30 days by joining here with invite code QUESTIONS. Plus you’ll get half off your first month.

After that, Teaching Startup is just $10 a month, meant to be affordable, to help everyone become a better entrepreneur. That starts with asking the right questions. It ends with being able to answer them yourself.

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I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Building Precision Fermentation & Teaching Startup. Sold Automated Insights & ExitEvent. More at

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