Hi Stephen. I am always open for critique and I appreciate you reaching out. A couple of thoughts on that. I try to stay away from “tried and true” because there rarely are methods that work for every startup the same way. There are marketing tactics and methods you can experiment with, and some work better than others, and that also depends on the “where” you’re finding your audience to recruit to your customers from.

It’s a process, and a different process for each unique startup. I’m at the tail end of that process for Teaching Startup right now, and went through about a dozen different methods and strategies to reach the right audience, and I’ll go through dozens more to keep trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

So to answer questions, and maybe disappointingly, the answer is experimentation with different methods, channels, and messages until you find things that resonate. If you want to do it right, be able not just to measure conversion, but also high LTV, so you can start weighing CAC against that down the road.

Now that I think about it there probably is another post there, but I wouldn’t call it a How-To, it’d be more of a “Here’s what I do”

Thanks again for the feedback, Stephen.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building TeachingStartup.com & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at joeprocopio.com

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