Here’s How Entrepreneurs Can Get Answers From Someone Who’s Been There

Cracking the code on affordable, efficient startup help

How do you build a network of experienced, knowledgable entrepreneurs?

The answers you can trust are going to come from entrepreneurs who have been in the position you’re in, preferably those who are still going through the struggles you’re going through. The problem is that the entrepreneurs you can trust are hard to reach, and the entrepreneurs you can reach are hard to trust.

How do you formulate the right question for the right entrepreneur?

I’m always surprised that more entrepreneurs don’t reach out to other entrepreneurs for help. When I ask them what their hesitation is, more often than not their response is that they’re not sure what questions they need to be asking.

How do you make the time to chase answers down?

The most valuable resource for an entrepreneur isn’t money or connections, it’s time. Taking the time to research who might be able to answer your question, how you get ahold of them, what’s the right messaging to ask for help, and then the whole schedule puzzle. That’s a ton of time spent not building your company.

How do you afford real help?

The second most popular answer to why more entrepreneurs don’t ask for more help is that they (probably) can’t afford it.

All of this is why I founded Teaching Startup

Teaching Startup solves almost all these problems. It’s a product built out of the service of entrepreneurs asking other entrepreneurs questions about how to take their startup the next level.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at

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