Don’t Waste Your Time Mastering an Elevator Pitch

Instead, learn how to quantify and qualify the problem and your solution

Problem #1: You can’t paint a compelling picture of the future in 60 seconds

My only experience actually executing an elevator pitch goes all the way back to the first time I was invited to a speed pitch session at a regional venture conference.

  1. No one had any idea how much content would explode on the web over the next decade — or how valuable containing that explosion would be. Except for maybe Google, which was founded exactly one week later.

Problem #2: The ratio of idea to success is pretty freaking high

The cold truth is, even if you master your elevator pitch, and even if you do wind up in an elevator with a venture capitalist or large customer, and even if they understand the critical importance of the next 60 seconds, and even if they’re in the mood to listen, and even if they get it, and even if they’re interested…

Worst of all, an elevator pitch misses the point.

Look, if you throw a lot of shit at the wall, you’re going to hit a lot of people with shit.

Qualify then quantify the problem

Any investor worth their fleece vest knows that no one buys technology or innovation or disruption.

Reverse that for the solution: quantify first then qualify

Once you’ve painted the picture of the problem and answered all of the questions and addressed all of the skepticism, you need to make it very clear how your solution attacks the problem, aggressively, everywhere and every time it happens.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at

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