Digital Advertising Isn’t Dead, But It’s Killing the Marketplace Economy

Marketplaces Are Experiencing Their First Real Dip Since the Pandemic

Joe Procopio


Have you ever noticed that ads for insurance companies don’t put the product in front of you? They show you emus and geese and Flo and shit.

I wanted to use this article to finally declare digital advertising dead. But I couldn’t. Because it’s not entirely true.

I mean, there’s still that awesomely evil Whiplash guy showcasing weirdly disastrous claims for Farmers, and Liz Lemon’s boyfriend running around as the mayhem guy. But for the most part, it’s Patrick Mahomes cutting it up with Travis Kelce, trying to get us not to think about those horrifying moments after the collision while reminding us we need someone to call.

Insurance, as a product, is difficult to understand. And more importantly, its value prop is something no one actually wants to think about.

But I’m not here to bash insurance.

I’m Here To Bash Marketplaces

Like I said, I set out to write an article on the death of digital advertising. I rewrote it six times. It was trash every time.

I’ll admit I’m part of my own problem. I’ll be the first to tell you that as a card-carrying member of the “everything sucks” extremist wing of the Gen-X army, the concept of advertising, in any form, has always been lost on me. I skip video ads with prejudice. And if I can’t skip them, I mute them.

Take that, Google.

And granted, if you’re reading this very post somewhere other than Medium, you’re probably being interrupted by an ad break every four sentences. Does that make me a hypocrite? No. It just makes me not naive. I know how the world works.

Anyway, the article never materialized because I was dead wrong. Advertising is fine. Maybe not for you and me, but as far as Mahomes and Kelce and their ilk are concerned, advertising is not in decline.

The decline is in marketplaces.

Vibe Over Value

And the decline of marketplaces is something I already knew was happening. It wasn’t hard…



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