Creators Are The Next Wave Of Entrepreneurship

It’s not about ads and sponsorships. It’s about disrupting a dying industry.

Joe Procopio


This article isn’t about television and movies. It’s not about YouTube and TikTok. It’s about startups and entrepreneurship.

But it’s also about television and movies and YouTube and TikTok.

Because all those things are converging and not enough people are taking it seriously.

I’m Dead Serious About This

Look, we’re all aware that there’s a zillion dollars floating around YouTube and TikTok. And creators are grabbing for those dollars like a kid in a ticket tornado booth at a Chuck E. Cheese. I’m not going to waste your brain cells talking about how making videos for ad money is the new startup. It’s not.

My premise, crystallized in the title of this article, is speculative for sure, but also very legit and serious. Look, the bromantic notion of entrepreneurs building microcomputers in California garages is dead. The days of pitch-deck road shows to fund the next SaaS product nobody needs and fly-by-night accelerators hawking 12-step Successories to Elon Musk wannabes are waning.

At the same time, something worth funding has to come after this AI wave crashes. Artificial intelligence is likely the high-point of modern computer science, at least until they start injecting code directly into our brains. And that’s just unpalatable.

No, the next wave of entrepreneurship is going to take a step forward by taking a step back, the same way it always does. Just as previous generations of entrepreneurs rode contemporary technological gains to digitize our shopping, then socialize us, then mobilize us, future entrepreneurs are going to exploit recent tech advancements in a singular quest to entertain us.

And yes, that’s happening now, to an extent. Still though, at the time of writing, this week’s box office champ was the third version of a Willy Wonka story that first lit up the silver screen 52 years ago.

So before I make the argument that creators are the new entrepreneurs, I need to line up all the dominoes that detail the fall of the entertainment industry.



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