Before Your Startup Succeeds, You’re Going To Fail

Let’s talk about what failure really means and how you learn from it

When No Is Not Yet

My first job out of college was a coveted position with a pretty prestigious consulting firm in a big, up-and-coming city.

When No Means You’re Doing It Wrong

The first startup I founded on my own, Intrepid Media, was the first social network and content platform for writers. At the time I dreamed it up, I had already been through the raise-grow-exit cycle twice. Now I was gonna do one on my own.

When No Becomes Rocket Fuel

A later startup I founded, ExitEvent, was actually meant to be a project for another company.

When No Means No

And then sometimes, a chip on your shoulder doesn’t help at all, but it can teach you a few things.

I’m a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. Sold ExitEvent. Building & GetSpiffy. Former Automated Insights. More info at

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