A Contrarian Bet Against Generative AI: The Value of Being Uniquely Human

I think I figured out the next billion-dollar opportunity

Joe Procopio
5 min readMay 25, 2023
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A ton of ink and money is being dropped on figuring out what Generative AI can do to generate even more ink and more money. But while that hype tornado continues to swirl, I wonder if there’s a contrarian bet to be made on being uniquely human.

Here’s my theory: If Generative AI has suddenly become so pervasive, isn’t there a secondary effect that immediately increases the scarcity, and thus the value, of uniquely human knowledge, experience, and intuition?

That feels like an opportunity that no one is talking about.

An AI Star-Making Machine

I’ll start the proof of my theory with a relatively common Generative AI idea thread:

What if we were to create a pop-star out of whole digital cloth?

Let’s use Generative AI to:

  1. Give them music that’s a derivative of the most current, most popular music.
  2. Write lyrics that will appeal in a manner that’s both instantly sticky and long lasting.
  3. Create a style, a vibe, even a name that opens wallets.



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